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More Websites = More Leads
Most franchises have a main corporate website that lists their franchisees and locations. They may also have a corporate newsletter that is sent to their collective clients. These are typical and appropriate marketing activities for franchises.

However, what if you had a separate website for every franchisee? This would dramatically improve your online search result performance. When a prospective customer searches for a business of your type in your area you will be far more likely to show up in the results if you have dozens or hundreds of websites instead of one.

This franchise marketing strategy is rarely implemented because it is too expensive and time consuming. However, Weo Media's proprietary software enables us to create dozens and even hundreds of websites relatively quickly, and for a very low cost.

Our software produces a powerful marketing service that any franchise would greatly benefit from. And the low monthly cost makes it a must have component of any sales and marketing strategy.

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